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Giving of your time can be a fulfilling experience and one that God calls you to do. At University Church, we have plenty of ways to serve. This can include something as easy as greeting people on Sunday mornings, or bringing snacks for coffee hour after church. Serving can also include attending church events, coming to Youth Group, participating in our Small Group Bible Study, and volunteering at our partner food pantry. However God is calling you to serve, we want to help. Please reach out to us in-person, at or by speaking with any of our staff.

I am a retiree and I find it very rewarding to volunteer because I am giving back to my community; it’s mentally and physically rewarding; and I feel that it is part of God’s design that we help and serve others.



As Christians, we recognize that we do not belong to ourselves but are God’s people, claimed by the gracious triune God through baptism. In the 21st century, understanding our connection to God amid societal shifts is vital. Baptism signifies God’s unconditional grace, a concept foundational to our identity, emphasizing God’s prior action in Jesus Christ. This grace, though freely given to us, comes at the cost of Christ’s sacrifice and calls us to live unconditionally for God. Baptism also underscores a corporate and communal dimension, challenging individualistic assumptions prevalent in our culture. It binds us together as members of Christ’s Body, emphasizing active participation in the faith community. Furthermore, baptism initiates a transformative and liberating process through the power of the Holy Spirit, calling us to hope for more and actively engage in God’s ongoing work of redemption and transformation in the world.

If you would like to learn more or be baptized, please reach out to us in-person, at or by clicking on the button below.


At University Church, we have seen the awesome power of prayer in our own lives and the lives of those around us. Believing in the power of prayer, we practice different styles of prayer on Thursday evening Congregation dinners and we share prayer joys and concerns on Sundays during worship so that we may as a church pray together. We encourage you to come pray with us during Sunday worship and on Thursday evenings. If you have any personal prayers that you do not wish to share out loud, we encourage you to email Rev. Aaron Meadows at


We believe the Bible when it says that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Unlike crime, which involves the breaking of human law, sin is a condition of the heart or an expression of that condition where we are estranged from God and fail to trust in God. Sin expresses itself in particular acts. A more in depth explanation comes from our Brief Statement of Faith.


At University Church, we follow the Constitution set forth by the Presbyterian Church. I always find it important to know what the church believes and how they operate. Here are links to our full Beliefs and our Book of Order.