Students meet up with their friends for an authentic and fun community, practical teaching, and small group conversation centered around what it means to know Jesus Christ.

Brock is seen setting up for another win at Billiards. He has not lost a single match while playing in Kent at University Church.

“The Hangout”

We emphasize Bible-based Discipleship process and follow a Presbyterian curriculum that assures that the key messages of the Bible are covered over a three-year period.  On many Sundays, the class goes over to the KSU Hub or other fine fast food restaurants for community and refreshments.  Be sure to be on time so you won’t be left behind if we leave to hold class elsewhere.

Sunday School starts at 11:30 AM.

University Church sponsored Kent Prez Football at Kent State. During this time, Kent Prez went on to win the inter-mural league.


We provide an opportunity for you to be with friends, or to make new ones, as we enjoy our youth church space.

College hang out every Wednesday at 7:30 PM during the school year.

Leader: Colton Snyder

We do lots of fun activities at University Church. Here, we went to play paintball and came home a bit more dirty but having fun!

Monday Night Small Group | Bible Study

We meet every Monday at 7:30 PM in the church to have discussions about difficult subjects in the Bible, about challenging points in our lives, and to grow closer as friends!

If this will be your first time, you will be welcomed with friendly faces and people who genuinely want to get to know you.

Meet Youth Leader Colton Snyder

Colton is a graduate of Kent State University. He has been doing student ministry since 2016. He believes that every kid should have the chance to know who Jesus Christ is, and have someone willing to help them understand what it means to grow in their faith.

Colton, our energetic youth director helps nurture and encourage teenagers to have a faith-filled time.