About Our Church


Our Mission & Vision

A Christian community guided by scripture, growing in faith and serving others.

Mission & Purpose

At University Church, our mission is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, as outlined in Matthew 22:37-39. We are called to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to extend that love to our neighbors as ourselves.

As a community of believers, we come together as a family, bound by our shared commitment to scripture and our collective journey of growth. We affirm our belief in God as the creator of us and the entire universe. We recognize Jesus Christ as God’s son, equal to the Father, and acknowledge the Holy Spirit as an equal part of the Trinity residing within each of us.

Our purpose is to facilitate your growth in faith as we, in turn, encourage others on their faith journey. Following Christ’s teachings, we serve one another in love, understanding that we are all brothers and sisters of the Father.

We do this through our Small Groups, Bible Studies, Youth Group, all while following God’s Word.


Our church’s leadership is made up of staff, elders, deacons, and support teams who lead our congregation through our mission and support the community at large.

Meet Our Staff

Rev. Aaron Meadows has been the head pastor at University Church for over 10 years. He is originally from North Canton, Ohio and studied at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh.

Aaron Meadows


Pastor of UNIVERSITY Church. Aaron studied Biblical Literature and Theology at Malone University. He completed his Master of Divinity degree at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

Penny is the organist and secretary at University Church. She is seen here in our Kent, Ohio campus sancutary.

Penny Graves

Secretary and Organist

Penny is the organist and part-time secretary at University Church. Outside of her church work, she
enjoys crosswords and word puzzles, watching Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and British/Australian/New
Zealand/Canadian mystery shows, spending time with her grandsons, and participating in community

Colton, our energetic youth director helps nurture and encourage teenagers to have a faith-filled time.

Colton Snyder

Youth Leader

Colton is a graduate of Kent State University. He has been doing student ministry since 2016. He believes that every kid should have the chance to know who Jesus Christ is, and have someone willing to help them understand what it means to grow in their faith.

He leads our Youth Group and co-leads our Monday night Small Group Bible Study with Nathan.

Nathan is the pastoral care director at University Church

Nathan Long

Director of Pastoral Care

Nathan is a graduate of Kent State University in 2017 and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 2022.  He has a passion for leading people to Jesus Christ through fellowship and understanding of scripture. In his free time, Nathan backpacks, races RC rock crawlers, and is undefeated Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Circuit track champion.

He gets to co-lead our Monday night Small Group Bible Study, run family events, outreach, and children’s ministry.

History of UNIVERSITY Church

UNIVERSITY Church has its beginning on March 15, 1959, when 20 persons met in a classroom at Kent State University, establishing the only Presbyterian church in Portage County. Dr. Henry Lietman, minister of the United Presbyterian Church of Cuyahoga Falls, acted as clerk.