What To Expect In Worship

Gathering of Community

As we open worship each week we are reminded that the core of Worship is daily living in the way of Jesus.  We worship primarily through obedient living.

Living God’s Peace

We are reminded of our struggle with sin, but that we live in the context of God’s Grace – especially in such times.  We share a prayer, hymn, or song of communal confession during this time.  We are reminded of the peace with have with God through Jesus, and share that forgiving Peace with each other as a community.

A Time for Children

Children were important to Jesus and have a special place in our hearts.  We take time to share a short lesson with them during our service – often soliciting interaction with adults as well.


The scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the source of guidance and inspiration for our lives.  We read each week from the Psalms as well as selections from the New Testament.


Our pastor “opens up” the text for us each week.  What was going on in the community that first heard this text?  How can we see ourselves as part of this text?  Where is the Spirit leading each of us as we hear this text?

Affirming our Faith

In a diverse world and in a diverse church it is import to reaffirm our core beliefs.  Saints throughout the centuries have written excellent statements of faith – often as a result of conflict or difficulty.  We reaffirm those statements often by reciting them together, at times singing songs or hymns that share those same beliefs.

Worship Through Giving

It is often overlooked that the act of giving is an act of worship.  If our “Gathering” at the beginning of our service is not enough of a reminder, we are reminded, again, that giving our money, time, and talents is worship.  During this time you will see many members bring food to the front of the sanctuary as part of this worship.  Part of their Way is to buy a little extra when they are grocery shopping and giving it to the local agency that prepares hot meals for those who need them.

Joys and Concerns

As we prepare for conversation with God, we share openly our celebrations and needs.  In prayer, we thank God for those blessings and ask God to strengthen and care for those in need of a special touch.  We conclude with the Lord’s Prayer – opting for the neutral “sins/sinner” as opposed to choosing between Luke and Matthew.

Blessing and Sending

We are blessed and sent out into the world as those who carry God’ mission forward.  We continue our worship through our living.

*A note about Music.

We have a wonderful organ built by our members.  As noted, worship is primarily obedient living.  As we praise God together, we do so with hymns and songs; old and new.  You will hear the organ, piano and guitar.  At times you will hear strings and woodwinds.  Hymn and songs we use have been written in Europe, Africa, Asian, South America, and North America.  Yes, even a few in Australia.