Nursery: We welcome children ages birth to 2 years during Christian Education time, and ages birth through 4 years during worship.  The Church Nursery is to be a place where children are safe and cared for while their parents attend Worship or Sunday School.  We hope that our attendants provide a happy time of constructive, stimulating play.  At this age, our main goal is to instill in children a sense that they are a part of a large, loving church family.  The church nursery claims only a small part of their time during the week, but it is the child’s first exposure to Christian community.  Nursery attendants are very important to these children during the hour they spend here.  They establish control, letting children feel safe, but also allow them plenty of freedom to play as they wish.

Children’s Sunday School
Children  will learn basic Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments.  They discover Biblical truths through a variety of “hands-on” activities, including games, crafts, snacks and creative and interactive storytelling.

When?  11:20 AM each Sunday morning
Meets in Room 114
Teachers: Rotate