Statement of Faith

I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – three persons of the One God – creator, redeemer, and sustainer of all creation.  The only god that exists is this One God who is infinite, perfect, immutable, and impassible.

The person of the Father is source of the being of God from whom the Son is begotten and the Spirit proceeds.

Jesus Christ, the Son, is the true King of God’s kingdom.  He was born of the Virgin Mary, lived and taught on behalf of those considered outcasts from God’s community, was crucified, died, and was buried, raised from the dead in the same but transformed body, and ascended to the Father.  He intercedes on our behalf today, and will return to judge all and rule forever.  He is truly God and truly human.  These two natures were joined in his one person – reuniting humanity and divinity in that person.  He was, and is, our prophet, priest, and king.

The Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father, inspired the authors of the Scriptures, a norm for faith and life, joins those who this same Spirit regenerates to Jesus Christ and through Jesus Christ to the Father, is operable in the sacraments, gives gifts to the members of the Body of Christ, and molds the sanctification of that very body.

Humanity, as created by God, lives as a functional unity of a reasonable soul and body with the potential for everlasting personal existence after death, contingent upon the will of God.  Humanity sinned against God.  Sin has brought judgment, tremendous pain upon human existence, and has separated humanity from participation in the fellowship and life of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ came to lead humanity out of this situation.  Through his incarnation, humanity and deity were united in his person – opening the possibility for new life and fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Through his obedient life, death, and resurrection, provision has been made for the forgiveness of sin – expiation of actual sin, and propitiation of God’s punishment.  Death has been defeated.  By the mysterious work of the Holy Spirit, men and women by grace, through faith, experience forgiveness and are joined to Jesus’ resurrection life.  In this work they are joined by the Holy Spirit, to and through the Son, to the Father, as well as, to one another as the Body of Christ.

This union with Christ as his body is not an end in itself; rather, as we participate in his life, and live as forgiven people, we find our identity – those who are joined to Jesus Christ and his mission to the world.  We reaffirm this identity in the practice of the sacraments, which are signs and seals of this great and joyous reality – our union with Christ.  One part of the mission of the church is the administration of these sacraments as part of communal worship.  As the sign of entrance into the New Covenant, the sacrament of Baptism is a sign and seal of our union to Jesus Christ.  As those joined to him, we are joined to his death, our sins having been washed away, and are joined in new life to his resurrection here and now.  Through Baptism we are called to new ways of living, and anticipate our future bodily resurrection.  In the Eucharist, we are lifted by the Spirit into the presence of Jesus Christ, and are physically and spiritually nourished.  In partaking of the bread and wine, we are reminded of our union to one another in Jesus Christ, the core of who we are personally and communally, we proclaim Jesus Christ’s death, and we anticipate the magnificent banquet feast at his return.  These Sacraments, as The Word Visible, send the church out into the world to proclaim the great news of forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ so that all humanity might glorify and enjoy God forever.