Wednesday Dinner Series

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We continue our Wednesday Dinners with our second series: “The World as We Know It.”  This series explores how we approach knowledge and knowing as well as various dispositions or approaches to an independent, external world.  The formal fields are known as epistemology and ontology, but our exploration will be less formal.  Our exploration will involve differing views of belief, truth, how we justify beliefs, and whether or not one “ought” to believe certain things.  We, also, explore different ways people approach what is “real.”  The hope is this series will not only spur introspection, but enable us to notice how everyday voices in our lives unconsciously select how they know and what is real.  This is a critical series for leaders in the church as we continue to explore God’s expectations for our lives.  We will begin to notice that choices in our approach to knowing and reality impact how we read, believe, and sense how we “ought” to live.  Join us for a catered dinner at 6:00 pm and the series at 6:45 pm.