Beliefs Impact Behavior

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The Johanine Community struggled with a number of their churches splintering and electing to act in ways inconsistent with Jesus’ desire for us to “love one another.”  As the author of the Letter of 1 John addresses the situation, he does not address their behavior first – he addresses their beliefs.  The author understands that one’s view of humanity is likely to impact the way we treat other humans.  In this case, if human bodies have no relation to one’s spirituality, one can do whatever one pleases.  If human bodies are evil – a prison from which to be escaped, they should be denied.  Those creating conflict in this ancient Christian community held beliefs about creation, bodies and souls that rippled through the daily living of those who listened to them.  The result?  An inevitable moral decline.  Curious about the details?  Come join us each Sunday at 10:00am.