Spring Reading

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Each morning after breakfast is over and children are on the bus, I have the joy
and privilege of checking my e-mails. Unfortunately, at least 20 of them are spam emails
with advertisements of various sorts. I did take notice of one of them recently, and
it prompted my subject in this article. The e-mail was from amazon.com advertising a
custom made “winter reading list” for me based on past purchases.

I have, personally, been working through a number of works by Pierre Duhem.  He was a fine physicist and history of science at the turn of the 20th century.  I am currently working through his Aim and Structure of Physical Theory.  I am also working through 3 key works of Bas C. Van Fraassen in his development of his “Constructive Empiricism.”  He is underutilized in models of theology and science dialogue.  On the lighter side, this time of year is always perfect for shorts stories by Jack London with a fire glowing in the fireplace, my Alaskan malamute at my feet, and a delicious stout in my hand.

If you are looking for some interesting reading for your “winter reading
list,” you might pick up Duhem, Van Fraassen, or London and read along. I would enjoy finding time to discuss the reading over some coffee or tea.  Blessings.